Reduce errors and improve safety with better tools, expert guidance, and education

Access resources, education, and consulting to enhance your Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Common Cause Analysis (CCA), and Apparent Cause Analysis (ACA) and Healthcare Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) processes

An estimated 10%–12% of patients experience harm while hospitalized, and approximately half of these events are preventable. To enhance patient safety and prevent event reoccurrence, identification and resolution of factors is critical. But some healthcare organizations struggle to develop an unbiased causal review process.

ECRI and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices PSO helps healthcare organizations decrease the reoccurrence of events, and the occurrence of adverse events using our causal analysis consulting, education, and resources. As one of the largest Patient Safety Organizations in the country, ECRI and the ISMP PSO combines unprecedented expertise, research, and data to elevate your Root Cause Analysis, Common Cause Analysis, Apparent Cause Analysis, and Healthcare Failure Modes and Effects Analysis processes, and can provide guidance on how to protect your documents from legal discovery.

Unparalleled expert review and consulting

Our team of experts has worked with providers across the continuum of care to identify the root cause of adverse events and implement changes to reduce near-misses, hazards, and incidents long-term. The team consists of leaders in areas including:

  • Clinical, risk management
  • Safety, quality
  • Pharmacy
  • Device evaluation
  • Accident investigation

Supported by a database of 1,000-plus analyzed casual documents, only ECRI and the ISMP PSO has the experience to provide you with feedback to enhance your analysis process. Our team is ready to support you with you various organization needs, including:

  • Evaluation
  • Education
  • Expert forensic analysis
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Medication safety
  • Infection prevention
  • Aging services

Education to enhance your causal analysis processes

Ongoing education is essential to ensure that your Root Cause Analysis, Common Cause Analysis, Apparent Cause Analysis, and Healthcare Failure Modes and Effects Analysis processes are getting to the true cause of adverse events. Through virtual training and online education, you and your team will develop skills needed to effectively complete causal analysis. Available for individual learners and teams, these course support advanced learners seeking to enhance their existing skills, and beginners who need to gain basic training.

Online training

Healthcare Incident Management and Investigation Course
Cost: $900 USD for individual user / $600 USD per user for groups of 5 or more
Continuing education units: 2.0 California State nursing contact hours; 2.0 ASHRM credits

Unbiased guidance and tools

As a leading patient safety entity, ECRI maintains a growing repository of guidance, checklists, and tools to support members on their safety journey, including our comprehensive Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Toolkit. As a complete resource for improving your Causal Analysis, the RCA Toolkit provides references and guidance to assist your team in improving causal analysis effort including our RCA Tracking Template and best practice publications.

ECRI also offers free resources to support healthcare leaders as they seek to prevent harm, including our Root Cause Analysis in Aging Services White Paper and Incident Investigation in Aging Services White Paper.

Interested in learning more?

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