Ambulatory Care Supply Chain Solutions

Your Path to Supply Chain Savings and Sustainability

Supply chain disruptions and out-of-stock supplies have become the norm across the care continuum. Addressing these challenges while trying to operate your practice with lean staff, keeping up with technological advances and changing regulations, expanding your practice, and remaining financially healthy can be daunting.

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. ECRI purchasing assurance services for ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, physician practice groups, imaging centers, radiology groups, retail care, and urgent care centers is ready to help you build a more resilient ambulatory care supply chain with technology solutions that help you address product shortages, find substitute products, maintain the right levels of inventory, and control costs. The savings you realize can be reallocated to incentivize staff and gain financial strength.

We empower you with the data, insights, tools, resources, and experts you need to make smart and informed purchasing decisions.

Reduce supply expenses and save money and time

Identify savings opportunities of approximately 15% or more on your overall spend and achieve more than 10 times return on investment. You'll be able to compare and analyze pricing on products across our supply and capital databases of more than 2 million supplies at five price points, as well as access spend analytics not dependent on a GPO contract to reveal potential savings on current and future purchases. Your staff will spend less time researching vendors and products so they can spend more time with patients.

I have never seen such thorough analyses of quality and costs as the one ECRI did. We had a lot of ‘wins’ thanks to ECRI. I did a purchasing ‘quality and cost’ study and reported the results to our board, and they were very happy with the results.
Rita J. Keating RN, BSN, MA HIIM, CASCDirector of Surgical OperationsAssociated Eye Care

Identify safe alternatives in supplies

Description: Reduce supply spend and variation through standardization with the identification of functional equivalent substitute products. Navigate out-of-stock situations, recalls, backorders, facilitate product conversions, and protect supply chain integrity. Access testing and pricing data based on our independent research to select the best substitutes to use in times of supply disruptions and shortages. in times of backorders, recalls, and shortages.

Receive advanced warning of supply disruptions, harmful products, FDA alerts, and recalls

Description: Gain real-time transparency regarding supply chain disruptions, supply recalls, and shortages with automated alerts workflow. Automatic notifications alert you about safety-related risks and recommended actions associated with medical devices, pharmaceuticals, blood, and food. The actionable notifications give you the content you need to effectively manage and maintain high levels of patient safety, workflow efficiency, and regulatory compliance. You’ll be able to protect patients, your supply chain, and meet regulatory compliance..

Drive evidence-based purchasing decisions

Description: Gain clinical alignment on evidence-based procedures, products, and technologies. ECRI experts in evidence review will help you build credibility and consensus through independent analysis of more than 2,000 healthcare technologies, procedures, and care processes. Looking to lessen surgery center supply costs? We'll help you find, analyze, and provide actionable conclusions on the clinical cost effectiveness of technologies. You'll have insights to make safe decisions on new, emerging, and existing products and technologies and to avoid costly mistakes with independent clinical, technical, and evidence assessments. evidence assessments.

Getting started

When you partner with ECRI, you get much more than access to our data, insights, research, and technology to support your team; you have access to hundreds of experts in their fields. You'll have a dedicated team to help fast-track your success, answer your questions, and support you as your organization's supply chain and priorities evolve.

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