CT Gastrography for Screening and Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer

January 20, 2011 | Emerging Technology Reports


Proprietary scanner names: Aquilion 32/64 slice CT System; LightSpeed RT 16; MX 16-slice CT System, SOMATOM Plus 4 CT System

Proprietary workstation names: Advantage Workstation 4.1, Infinitt G3, Leonardo Workstation, X-Leonardo Workstation

Proprietary software: Accurex, Rapidia, Rapidia Colon, Rex 1.0, Rex 3.0, Voxel Plus 2.0

Generic names: computed tomography (CT) virtual gastrography; three-dimensional multidetector CT (MDCT) gastrography; virtual endoscopy; virtual upper endoscopy; virtual gastrography; virtual upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

Computed tomography (CT) gastrography is a noninvasive gastric imaging technique that uses two-dimensional (2-D) CT scans to obtain pictures of the stomach and surrounding anatomy. Specialized workstations and software can then convert the CT images to three-dimensional (3-D) images by using volumetric reconstruction.1,2 Using a multislice computed tomography (MSCT) scanner for the procedure can provide thinner slices and faster scanning, resulting in improved image quality.3 The 3-D images created by the specialized software and workstations can potentially depict gastric mucosal patterns more clearly than 2-D images alone.4 Patients with CT gastrography findings that suggest cancer require a...

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