Procurement Trends: POC Blood Gas/Chemistry - April, 2020

April 1, 2020 | Procurement Trends



These point-of-care (POC) analyzers are designed tomeasure and/or assess blood gases, pH, electrolytes, and some metabolites inwhole-blood specimens. They can directly measure pH, partial pressure of carbondioxide (PCO2) and oxygen (PO2), and concentrations of the most common ions(i.e., sodium Na+, potassium K+, chloride Cl-, bicarbonate HCO3-) andmetabolites such as calcium, magnesium, glucose, and lactate. The purpose ofthese tests is to determine if some blood parameters, metabolites, or electrolytelevels are in an abnormal range. Accordingto our PricePaid database, Abbott has consistently accounted for the...

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