Procurement Trends: Powered Air Purifying Respirators - October, 2020

October 1, 2020 | Procurement Trends



Air purifying respirators(APRs) are designed to protect the user’s respiratory system by filtering outharmful particulates, acids, and gases from the ambient air. There are two maintypes of air purifying respirators: powered and non-powered. Powered airpurifying respirators (PAPRs) deliver continuous, filtered, positive pressureair to a loose-fitting hood, helmet, or tight-fitting half- orfull-facepiece. Non-powered APRs includetight-fitting filtering masks such as N95s, and half- or full-face elastomericrespirators that use various type of filter media or cartridges to protect theuser. Although elastomeric respirators typically have industrial applications,they are also being utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic as an alternative toN95 masks (due to supply shortages). This report focuses on powered APRsintended specifically for healthcare use. Our PricePaid database indicates thatwe have seen a 187% increase in SELECTplus member interest...

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