Event Response Toolkit

July 24, 2018 | Ambulatory Care Risk Management


​​​​​When a medical event or break in service occurs, patients and families may feel frustrated or disappointed with their healthcare providers. The response and handling of the event or complaint influences the early and satisfactory resolution of the event. Not responding to the event in a timely and suitable manner may have a negative impact on the patient-provider relationship and result in patient mistrust, disruption of services, possible regulatory action, lawsuits, social media or media coverage, disruptive behaviors, and a detrimental effect on future care and services. This toolkit will provide materials to assist with the response to a complaint or grievance, the response to the event, and actions to prevent reoccurrence of the event.

Often the complaint process or service recovery process will fix the problem or make amends for customer service failure. The goal is to restore the patient relationship, not to compensate for harm. Legal guidance must be followed regarding the type and limits of any...

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