Cost and Reimbursement Considerations for Telehealth

June 20, 2022 | Ambulatory Care Risk Management


​​Telehealth may be cost effective and, over time, lead to significant cost savings for both providers and patients. However, the initial costs associated with implementing a telehealth program and obtaining reimbursement can be high, and healthcare organizations should be aware of the cost issues surrounding telehealth implementation and reimbursement.

The cost of telehealth programs depends largely on how providers are using them. Systems can range from a webcam and a secure telehealth platform installed on a computer to a high-end, remote-controlled neurology robot with high-definition cameras and real-time access to a patient's vital statistics. And although many telehealth programs have been reported to save money—one study estimates that it can save between $19 and $121 per visit (1)—it can also lead to increased utilization of healthcare services, which can increase overall healthcare costs. In addition, the organization's information technology infrastructure must...

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