Addressing the Elephant in the Room: New Collaborative Looks to Combat Clinician Burnout

December 23, 2016 | Strategic Insights for Ambulatory Care


​In the face of "alarming evidence" regarding high rates of depression and suicide among healthcare workers in the U.S., the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) announced a collaborative effort of multiple organizations to promote clinician well-being. The Academy said more than 20 organizations have already committed to the initiative, which it will lead in order to advance and identify evidence-based solutions to reverse the trend in clinician stress. Burnout has been associated with increased medical errors and patient dissatisfaction. Around 400 physicians commit suicide each year, according to a study cited by the Academy, which is double the rate of the national average. A different study cited by the Academy said that the risk of physician burnout is double that of other professions.

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