Missed Diagnosis, Despite Reminders of History of Diverticulitis, Leads to Sepsis; $700K Jury Award

October 12, 2020 | Strategic Insights for Ambulatory Care


A patient with a history of diverticulitis developed sepsis after a primary care physician failed to diagnose her new infection, despite repeated reminders of the patient's history of diverticulitis. In a lawsuit brought by the patient in Pennsylvania state court, a jury has awarded the patient $700,000, reports an article in the August 2020 issue of Medical Malpractice Verdicts, Settlements & Experts.

The 79-year-old patient, who had a 20-year history of diverticulitis, presented to the physician's practice with abdominal and back pain. During the appointment, the patient's husband reminded the physician of the patient's history of diverticulitis. The physician ordered a lumbar radiograph but...

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