Pediatrics: Proper Transitioning to Adult Care, Incidents Associated with Harm

May 15, 2015 | Strategic Insights for Ambulatory Care


‚ÄčTransitioning pediatric patients with chronic conditions to adult care is not a one-time transfer of care; rather, it is a process that will take years to fully prepare adolescents to navigate the healthcare system, states a case and commentary published in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's March 2015 WebM&M. In the case, a pediatric patient with Marfan syndrome complicated by aortic root dilation underwent a therapeutic abortion because her pregnancy posed a significant risk to her health. Her providers at the time advised her to undergo surgical repair of her aortic root. When she reached the age of majority, she was referred to an adult primary care provider and cardiologist. The patient did not see her new providers, and the recommended cardiac procedure was never scheduled. At age 21, she presented to an emergency department with abdominal pain and was found to be pregnant.

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