Failure to Treat Infection Surgically Allegedly Caused Bone Growth in Soft Tissue; $6.9M Settlement

December 23, 2020 | Strategic Insights for Health System


​In a lawsuit alleging a general surgeon and a hospital should have treated the patient's infection surgically rather than medically, the parties have settled for $6.9 million in New York state court, reports an article in the August 2020 issue of Medical Malpractice Verdicts, Settlements & Experts.

The 38-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital with vomiting and severe abdominal pain. His appendix had ruptured, leading to infection, and an appendectomy was performed. Over more than a year, the general surgeon and hospital repeatedly tried to treat the patient's infections medically rather than surgically. As a result, the patient was immobile for a long period. The patient developed heterotopic ossification, the growth of bone in soft tissue, mostly in the...

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