Survey Snapshot: While Most Patients Comply with Masking, a Few Remain Skeptical

November 4, 2020 | Strategic Insights for Health System


What's the news.  Over the past month, we asked you how your patients are complying with masking requirements. Of 47 respondents, 87% (41) indicated that overall, patients comply well. Reminders to wear a mask (30%), reminders to wear a mask correctly (40%), and provision of disposable masks (29%) are strategies that respondents find effective in supporting masking compliance. Nearly half of respondents (47%) estimate that 1 in 10 patients is reluctant to comply with masking, while one-fourth of respondents estimate that 2 in 10 patients express reluctance. Of the remaining one-fourth of respondents, 12% have no trouble with patient masking compliance, 6% have trouble with 3 in 10 patients, 6% have trouble with 5 in 10 patients, and 2% have trouble with 6 in 10 patients.

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