Hospira—Symbiq 1- and 2- Channel Infusion Pumps: Touchscreen May Not Respond to User Selection

September 12, 2012 | Strategic Insights for Health System


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In an August 29, 2012, Urgent Device Correction letter, Hospira states that the touchscreen of the above pumps may not respond to user selection, may experience a delayed response, or may register a different value than the value selected by the user. Failure of the touchscreen to respond to user input may result in a delay in therapy or in over- or underdelivery of medication if the user does not confirm the programmed values on the pump's confirmation screen before starting infusion. Hospira states that the confirmation screen of the above pumps should display the programmed values and instruct the clinician to confirm whether the programmed values are the intended values. Disagreement between the confirmation screen and the intended programmed values...

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