Colorado Shooting Tests Hospital’s Disaster Response; Staff Share Experiences

August 22, 2012 | Strategic Insights for Health System


In the aftermath of the recent mass shooting incident in Aurora, Colorado, staff at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus had their skills and disaster response training put to the test as the victims began to fill the emergency department (ED). Healthcare risk managers may be interested in an August 16, 2012, New York Times article that discusses how the hospital responded and how the events of that night affected the physicians, nurses, and patients. According to the article, staff from throughout the hospital immediately reacted to accommodate the influx of patients. A command center was set up and a storeroom just inside the doors was quickly transformed into a treatment room. Calls went out to neurosurgeons, chest and vascular specialists, and orthopedic surgeons, who sped in to work, as did more than 100 other staff members, from radiologists to housekeepers. Nurses came down from the intensive care unit.

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