Teamwork Skills Do Not Correlate with Guideline Adherence, Study Finds

June 10, 2015 | Strategic Insights for Health System


A study published May 18, 2015, in Surgery found no significant correlations between teamwork in the operating room (OR) and adherence to patient care guidelines in the care of a simulated patient with malignant hyperthermia. A research team that comprised two anesthesiologists, a surgeon, an OR nurse specialist, and a psychologist watched videos of five operative teams caring for the simulated patient in a high-fidelity in situ OR. The care teams comprised two anesthesiology residents, a surgical resident, and two OR nurses or an OR nurse and a surgical technician. The researchers rated teamwork and communication for individual care team members using three specialty-specific scales (Anesthesiologists' Non-Technical Skills, Scrub Practitioners List of Intra-operative Non-Technical Skills, and Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) and one scale for the whole team (Objective Teamwork Assessment System).

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