"The Highest-Paid Clerical Worker in the Hospital": New York Times Magazine Looks at Burnout and Patient-Doctor Relationships

May 23, 2018 | Strategic Insights for Health System


​The "health issue" of the New York Times Magazine, published online May 16, 2018, features several articles on how the profession has changed for physicians in recent years. One article addresses the value of the doctor-patient relationship. "In its push for profits," the article says, the American healthcare system has deemphasized personal attention from doctors. Large companies from Amazon to WalMart are seeking ways to "disrupt" the healthcare industry and reinvent primary care. But these innovations should not replace the traditional physician-patient relationship, according to a physician and economist at the University of Chicago quoted in the article. Strengthening these relationships, the expert said, significantly reduces patient hospitalizations and expenses for both hospitals and Medicare.

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