More Physicians Compensated for Time on Call, Amounts Vary Widely by Specialty

May 8, 2013 | Strategic Insights for Health System


More than 35% of responding physicians reported receiving a daily stipend as on-call compensation, according to the results of an MGMA survey presented in a May 1, 2013, Medpage Today article. The data, which was based on responses from 3,950 providers, also indicated that more than 12% of physicians reported an annual stipend for on-call coverage, 7% of physicians reported receiving hourly compensation for on-call services, and 3.39% reported receiving monthly compensation. The average daily on-call pay rate for family medicine providers was $150 in 2012, up from $100 in 2011. Average daily on-call pay rates for other specialties in 2012 and 2011, respectively, included $500 and $500 for obstetrics and gynecology, $600 and $650 for neurology, $900 and $650 for cardiology, $1,000 and $920 for general surgery, and $2,400 and $1,500 for anesthesiology.

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