Positive Relationship between Leadership Walkrounds, Patient Safety Climate, Risk Reduction

February 27, 2013 | Strategic Insights for Health System


Conducting executive or leadership walkrounds, also known as patient safety rounds, may identify risks and areas of safety concerns and help to solve systemic problems. A retrospective study of walkrounds across 49 hospitals in the United States published in the January 25, 2013, issue of the American Journal of Medical Quality found that greater numbers of caregivers exposed to walkrounds was associated with greater risk reduction and feedback on walkround-related actions at the unit level. The study involved more than 19,000 caregivers from 706 clinical areas in a nonprofit healthcare system and a mix of healthcare settings (e.g., medical-surgical units, pharmacy, intensive care units, radiology). The study also included caregivers at various levels, as well as support staff and others directly or indirectly involved in patient care.

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