Switch to Risk-Based Contracts Will Take Longer Than Predicted, Says Survey

February 22, 2017 | Strategic Insights for Health System


​Although they see population health as critical to future success, the majority of providers say 10% or less of their revenue comes from risk-based agreements, according to a February 6, 2017, article in Modern Healthcare. The vast majority (95%) of the more than 500 respondents to a survey cited in the article rated population health as somewhere between "moderately" and "critically" important and 74% said their organization had a dedicated division for population health programs. Despite this, one in five respondents said their organization derives no revenue from risk-based contracts, while 57% said such contracts account for less than 10% of their revenue. Just one out of 10 providers said that at least 40% of their organization's revenue comes from risk-based agreements.

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