Leaders at Prominent New York City Cancer Center Facing Internal Backlash over Industry Ties

January 9, 2019 | Strategic Insights for Health System


​A prominent New York City cancer center is facing backlash from its clinicians regarding leadership ties to industry, according to a December 31, 2018, article from ProPublica and the New York Times. Reports that the hospital's chief medical officer was paid millions by drug and device companies and did not disclose those ties in medical journals (see HRC Alerts, December 12, 2018), as well as reports that hospital insiders had "lucrative side deals" with companies, led some doctors in the hospital to advocate for a no-confidence vote in its leadership. At an October meeting, doctors stood up to accuse hospital leadership of "letting the quest to make more money undermine the hospital's mission" and to bemoan the organization's "rigid, hierarchal management." The chair of the hospital's neurosurgery department said in the article that she has seen "more and more of the higher-up meetings happening with people who are dressed up in suits as opposed to white coats."

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