Special Clinical Considerations

November 2, 2021 | Health System Risk Management


​​​​​GuidanceAddressing the Special Needs of Bariatric PatientsAlternative, Complementary, and Integrative MedicineBlood TransfusionsCervical Cancer ScreeningInvasive LinesPalliative Care Programs​Refusal of Blood Transfusions on Religious Grounds​​​Self-Assessments​Infusion TherapyManaging Obese Patients in the Healthcare SettingSample Policies and ToolsBariatric Services: Equipment Safety ChecklistBlood Product AdministrationBlood Transfusions​Blood Transfusions: Release from LiabilityComplementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Policy Checklist​​Consent to Assume Risks of Alternative Therapy​High Body Mass Index QuestionnaireMisconnection Prevention Checklist​Pre-Transfusion ChecklistSample Informed Consent Form for Complementary T​herap​yTake 5 to Protect Your Patients: Misconnections of Tubes and Lines

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