Chain of Command Training Program

April 22, 2016 | Health System Risk Management


​​​Creating a successful educational program involves planning. The trainer should have a good understanding of the program content and tailor the program's objectives and delivery method to the intended audience. This prep guide suggests steps to take during the planning process.

​​This training program features the following resources that organizations are welcome to copy, modify, or adapt to meet the facility's needs:

An assessment of the culture of safety can reveal areas where the work environment is not conducive to open communication or where intimidating behaviors present obstacles to safe patient care. Surveying managers, providers, and other caregivers about their perceptions of their work environment—specifically related to the quality of communications and teamwork, ability to report errors or unsafe situations without fear of retribution, and understanding of the process to handle patient care conflicts—can serve as a prelude to educational sessions on chain of command. Survey results can also identify further areas in need of improvement or related topics to target in other training programs. See [Culture of...

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