Ask HRC: Emerging Obstetric Technologies

May 29, 2019 | Health System Risk Management


A member recently asked for information on emerging and new technologies that can reduce obstetric risk. Healthcare Risk Control (HRC) has many guidance articles and other resources available on obstetrics that discuss emerging technologies and the risks and liabilities associated with them.

The HRC guidance articles Obstetrics and Neonatal Safety and Obstetrical Liability: An Overview provide general insights into the risks in obstetrical care and strategies to ensure safety. Although the articles do not address emerging technologies to reduce obstetrical risks, they summarize best practices in obstetrical care. ECRI Institute PSO has found that some events involving mothers during childbirth could be mitigated by ensuring adherence to recommended protocols for obstetric care. Information technology that uses alerts, checklists, and other means to prompt...

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