Will Cassette-Size Digital Radiography Jeopardize Your Warranties? Very Doubtful

July 11, 2011 | Evaluations & Guidance


Some have argued that adding a third-party cassette-size digital radiography (DR) detector to existing radiography equipment will jeopardize the equipment's warranty service contract. And in fact, upon learning that you're considering a cassette-size detector from another supplier, the manufacturer of your radiography system may become aggressive and threaten to cancel service or warranty agreements. However, we believe that it is very unlikely that either the warranty or the service contract will end up being negatively affected.

First, it's important to note that concerns related to warranties won't apply to the vast majority of radiography systems in use today, which are more than a year old and are therefore no longer covered under the original warranty. (Most radiography equipment carries a one-year warranty.) Granted, some facilities have equipment that was purchased less than a year ago and is still under warranty. However, these facilities would likely have weighed the pros and cons of buying wireless DR detectors when they...

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