What's Buzzing on Biomedtalk: Inspection Stickers on Equipment

May 1, 2013 | Evaluations & Guidance


A Biomedtalk member posted a survey about placing stickers on medical devices to indicate that they've undergone preventive maintenance, a safety inspection, or performance assurance. Unsurprisingly, Biomedtalkers have strong and well-informed opinions on this topic.

There was some disagreement on the usefulness of stickers. Those in the pro-sticker camp cited their utility in quickly identifying devices that are due for service. However, others wondered whether they do more harm than good: Several members made the point that a sticker indicating that a device has been serviced recently is not proof that the device is safe to use—devices that are properly maintained still fail sometimes—but could give some users the impression that it is. A sticker is not a replacement...

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