Technology Briefing: UV Phone Disinfection Boxes

April 6, 2022 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's a briefing on UV phone disinfection boxes, outlining the key considerations for making wise purchasing decisions. We review how and where the technology is used, which applications it is best suited to, the strength of the evidence to support its use, and more.

Ultraviolet (UV) phone disinfection boxes are consumer devices that emit light within the UV spectrum (between 185 and 400 nm wavelengths). Some products produce ozone gas in addition to UV light as part of the disinfection process. UV phone disinfection boxes are most effective when used after the mobile phones' surfaces have been cleaned (i.e., debris and oils removed). When used with compatible phone models according to the instructions for use (IFU), UV phone disinfection boxes can disinfect phones in private office and home settings. (Unlike the products we describe in Technology Briefing: UV Mobile Device Disinfection Boxes, these devices can only fit a single phone and are appropriate for use only in private settings. ) However, there is currently no peer-reviewed evidence on the effectiveness of UV phone disinfection boxes in reducing contamination of mobile phones.

These products consist of the following:

  1. Boxes (placed, for example, on a table or countertop) that are equipped with:

a) A lid used to access the inside of the box and to prevent UVC light from exiting the box during operation; boxes should have a safety feature that shuts off the unit if the lid is opened during operation.

b) One or more lamps or LEDs inside the box that are capable of generating light within the UV spectrum (between 185 and 400 nm wavelengths). Lamps or LEDs are placed on the inside...

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