Poor QC of Implantable Orthopedic Products Can Lead to Surgical Delays and Patient Harm

January 29, 2024 | Evaluations & Guidance


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In last year's Top 10 Health Technology Hazards report, ECRI expressed its concern about the unacceptably high number of defective single-use medical devices present in the supply chain. That broad concern remains, but for the current year we've focused on one specific product group: implantable single-use products intended for use during orthopedic procedures. The prevalence of quality control (QC) issues related to these products and the potential for significant short- and long-term harm when defects are present warrants additional attention.

Single-use products in orthopedics include a range of implantable items, from the simple (e.g., bone screws, nails, rods, plates) to the complex (e.g., knee or hip prostheses). Defective single-use orthopedic products can cause delays in care, and they can...

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