Tips and Tools for a Smart Pump Clinical Assessment

January 6, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


When you’re shopping for infusion pumps, especially smart pumps, having end users test prospective models can be immensely helpful. Not only do these clinical assessments provide assurance that the models are clinically appropriate for their intended use within specific care areas, but they also provide an opportunity to solicit end-user input on the pumps’ ease of use, which can be integrated into purchasing decisions. The result is increased end-user buy-in and acceptance of incoming equipment.

But a hastily prepared or poorly-thought-out assessment can produce misleading or even useless results. To get the most reliable and helpful data, a smart pump assessment requires careful preparation—namely:

ECRI Institute members regularly ask us for help with clinical assessments of various technologies, particularly what questions to ask, how to set up an assessment to get high-quality end-user feedback, and how to use the resulting data. This article consolidates the advice we’ve shared with these facilities over the years—as well as the best practices hospitals have reported to us—related to smart pumps. In addition to guidance on how to prepare for and carry out the clinical assessment, we...

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