Technology Background: Operating Room Integration Systems

March 5, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's background on operating room (OR) integration platforms, outlining the key considerations for making wise purchasing decisions. Learn how the technology is used and which specs are important. Also review ECRI Institute's data describing hospitals' interest in each vendor.

OR integration systems are intended to improve the ergonomics, safety, and efficiency of surgical procedures, particularly during minimally invasive surgery. They allow for the seamless transfer of video from devices to multiple destinations, such as to multiple displays and a video recording system. They also allow centralized control of multiple OR devices via a common interface.

Although OR integration platforms are highly customizable to meet the requirements of each facility and room, there are certain essential features a platform must have; they include:

  1. Centralized distribution of video and images from the procedure

  2. A centralized user interface for control of multiple devices

These capabilities have been available since the first integrated OR platforms were released around the year 2000, but have seen incremental advancements (e.g., ability to route 4K video in addition to HD video) as the technology improves. Other advancements have focused on improving the user interface, connectivity, and breadth of capabilities.

The major components of a typical OR integration system include the following:

  1. A...

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