Surgical Robots: The Essentials

February 12, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


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Note: Intuitive Surgical has dominated the surgical robot market for nearly two decades as the manufacturer with the only general-purpose surgical robots available in the United States; their current flagship device is the da Vinci Xi. Our coverage of general-purpose robots necessarily focuses on da Vinci models.

Choosing a Surgical Robot: The da Vinci Xi, Si, and Si-e Compared

If you're looking to buy a general-purpose surgical robotic system, there are three choices, all from Intuitive Surgical: the da Vinci Xi, da Vinci Si, or da Vinci Si-e. See how the systems' capabilities compare.

Evaluation Background: Surgical Robotic Systems and Related Devices for General Surgery

Here's information on technologies related to surgical robotics, including ratings for OR tables and electrosurgical units validated for use with earlier robot models. We also review how surgical robotic technology is...

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