The Surgical Robot Marketplace: An In-Depth Look at Intuitive Surgical's Current Technologies

July 8, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


Intuitive Surgical was founded in 1995 and launched its first da Vinci robotic surgical system in 2000. As of late 2019, Intuitive reports that there are nearly 5,600 da Vinci surgical systems installed around the world. Additionally, over 52,000 surgeons have been trained to operate on the da Vinci consoles worldwide. Intuitive currently markets three surgical robotic systems: the flagship da Vinci Xi, the da Vinci X, and the da Vinci SP.

Each of the da Vinci models consists of three main components:

  1. A patient-side cart. This is the actual surgical robot, consisting of one or four robotic arms, depending on the system model.

a) A four-armed configuration features three arms controlling surgical instrumentation, while another arm holds the endoscope and can perform multisite or single-site procedures; note that any of the arms can control the scope or instrumentation.

b) A single-armed robot performs single-port procedures with a flexible endoscope.

c) All instruments are detachable so that different instruments can be exchanged throughout the procedure.

d) In order to minimize motion at the surgical site, the arms move around fixed pivot points. Arms may be boom-mounted or mounted to the spine of the cart, depending on the system. The boom-mounted arms allow for advantages over the traditional cart-mounted systems, including maximizing access to...

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