How to Connect with the Right EMR Integration Vendor

January 2, 2014 | Evaluations & Guidance


Automating your clinical documentation so that data flows directly from medical devices into the patient’s medical record can facilitate meaningful use by reducing errors associated with manual documentation and ensuring timely data transfer. To get to that point, your medical devices must be integrated with your electronic medical record (EMR)—which usually means implementing a third-party medical device connectivity solution, especially if a hospital is considering enterprise-wide device connectivity.

But choosing a solution that doesn’t match the needs of your facility and staff could turn what’s supposed to be a safer, easier (and more profitable) system into an inefficient, aggravating time and money drain. Don’t buy the wrong system. Be informed, and know what you’re getting before you pull the trigger.

To make sure you fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the systems you’re considering, it’s important to engage in discussions with the vendors and ask key questions about the various configurations and implementation options. As part of these discussions, you’ll want to include representative stakeholders such as...

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