Neusoft NeuViz 16: A Low-Cost, 16-Channel CT System

December 1, 2012 | Evaluations & Guidance


A 16-channel CT system can be a useful and cost-saving alternative to or supplement for a higher-channel system. Although 16-channel systems cannot be expected to perform all possible CT studies, particularly those in which anatomical movement is a concern (e.g., cardiac imaging), they will suffice for most routine studies. This could result in considerable savings for hospitals, not only in capital costs (e.g., $400,000 for a 16-channel system compared to $1.5 million for a full-featured “premium” system), but also in annual service costs (e.g., $100,000 compared to $170,000). 1

Specifically, we believe that a 16-channel system is appropriate for use in either of the following scenarios:

(For further discussion of the strong points of 16-channel systems, see our July 2012 Evaluation, “Sweet 16: 16-Channel Systems Mix Functionality and Affordability.”)

In this article, we take a look at Neusoft’s NeuViz 16, a 16-channel CT system that can meet all the routine scanning needs of a low- to medium-throughput facility without requiring additional accessories or workstations and that can serve as a supplement for a higher-channel system in facilities with higher patient volumes. We rate the NeuViz 16...

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