Advanced Ventilation Features: What’s Available and How to Make a Smart Purchase

May 1, 2012 | Evaluations & Guidance


Many of today’s intensive care ventilators have similar core functionality. As a result, the advanced features on those ventilators are becoming more important as differentiating factors for purchasers, especially given the emphasis placed on them by vendors during the selection process. Even if these advanced features aren’t a key decision factor for you, chances are that any device you’re considering will offer at least one of them. If that feature is optional (as most of them are), you’ll need to understand its potential value so you can decide whether to make it part of your purchase.

It’s important to keep in mind that some advanced features may not be worthwhile purchases for your hospital. And those that areworth buying don’t necessarily have to be purchased right away—some can be added on at a later date, as the budget allows.

This article is intended to help hospitals critically analyze quotations for intensive care...

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