Monopolar Active Accessories Can Be Connected to Covidien ForceTriad Electrosurgical Generators Incorrectly, Disabling Coagulation Mode

March 1, 2011 | Evaluations & Guidance


A member hospital reported that, during several electrosurgical procedures, users could not activate the Covidien ForceTriad’s coagulation feature when using monopolar active accessories. The facility’s subsequent investigation revealed that the three-pin plugs on accessories from a number of manufacturers could be inserted in an inverted position (that is, turned over so that the order of the pins is reversed) into the monopolar output receptacle of the ForceTriad system. When such a misconnection occurs, the accessory is unable to connect to the ForceTriad’s coagulation circuit, thereby preventing use of coagulation mode.

No injuries occurred in the reported incident; however, patient harm is possible (though unlikely) with this type of misconnection because of the delay...

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