Evaluation: Zoll Z Vent Transport Ventilator for Intrahospital Use

October 17, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Zoll Z Vent is a full-featured portable ventilator designed to provide automated ventilatory support to patients during interhospital or intrahospital transport and in emergency situations.
  • The ventilator is indicated for use in the management of infant through adult patients weighing 5 kg (11 lb) or more with acute or chronic respiratory failure or during resuscitation by providing continuous positive-pressure ventilation.
  • Operating principles:
    • The ventilator includes an oxygen valve and a radial compressor to provide the appropriate gas mixture for the patient.
    • The system includes transducers for pressure measurements, including oxygen input supply and barometric pressure.
    • The wye circuit is part of the ventilator's pneumatic system. The inspiratory side of the wye circuit provides gas to the patient. The expiratory side exhausts directly to atmosphere without returning to the ventilator.
    • The ventilator pneumatically controls the exhalation valve, and a transducer within the ventilator measures the airway pressure.
  • Major features and components:
    • The ventilator is appropriate for use in severe environments where it may be exposed to rain, dust, rough handling, and extremes in temperature and humidity.
      • Operating temperature range: -26°C to 55°C (-15°F to 131°F)
      • Altitude compensation from -85.8 to 7,620 m (-2,250 to 25,000 ft)
    • With an appropriate third-party filter in place, the ventilator can be operated in environments where chemical and/or biological toxins are present.

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