Evaluation: Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7000dV Mobile Operating Room Table

December 7, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7000dV is a mobile OR table designed to work with Integrated Table Motion (ITM) for the da Vinci Xi Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical. It is also intended for general surgery. Key manufacturer-reported specifications are listed in the table below.
  • When used for ITM, adjustments in table position are coordinated with the surgical robot to allow movement of the table while the surgeon operates. See our Evaluation of Intuitive Surgical/Trumpf Medical da Vinci Xi/TruSystem 7000dV Integrated Table Motion for general surgery.
  • The TruSystem 7000dV may be used for intraoperative imaging. It includes a 35.6 cm (14 in) imaging window, continuous x-ray cassette channel, and optional upper-body and lower-body carbon-fiber tabletops.
  • Major hardware components include the following:
    • Tabletop: The 200.1 × 54 cm (79 × 21.25 in) modular tabletop includes a head section, back section, center section, and leg section. Additional sections are available as options.
    • Column: A stainless steel, height-adjustable column connects the tabletop to the base. It includes a column-mounted backup control panel, which has keys for adjusting height, slide, Trendelenburg, tilt, leg up/down, back up/down, level, and patient orientation. Mobility controls include wheel lock, wheel unlock, and Wheel Assist—a feature used for table relocation. The panel also includes indicator lights for AC power, battery power, and pendant malfunction. At the head end of the running gear is a button for mechanical release of the floor locks in the case of an emergency.
    • Base: A stainless steel base with 360°rotatable casters and floor locking capabilities. Floor locks are self-compensating (i.e., they level the table when locked). The base also houses an electromechanical system to drive all motion of the table, and an internal rechargeable battery with a specified operating time of 16 hours.
    • Running gear: A hydraulically driven system located in the base of the table consisting of four freely swiveling casters, and a fifth caster located in the center of the table for use during Wheel Assist to support movement and turning on the spot
    • Pads: Double-layer viscoelastic pads with Velcro fasteners to attach to each section of the tabletop
    • Rails: Attached to the tabletop to secure the patient and for accessory attachment.
    • Hand control: A handheld remote control to operate the table, including the following:
      • Tabletop adjustments, including height, longitudinal slide, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg, tilt, back-section angulation, leg-section angulation, flex and reverse flex positioning, and return-to-level
      • System controls, including floor locks, Wheel Assist, and power control
      • A touchscreen to view and adjust table positions and system settings, execute programmable table adjustments, and view guidance and warning messages for safe operation

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