Evaluation: Canon Aquilion One Genesis Edition Advanced Imaging CT System

October 27, 2023 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • This system has advanced features for cardiac, stroke, trauma, and low-dose imaging. It can also be used for general radiology.
  • Major system components and software features:
    • X-ray generator: the system is equipped with a generator with a power rating of 100 kW.
    • X-ray tube: MegaCool is a high-performance x-ray tube. The tube is able to generate 640 slices using Aquilion One ConeXact double-slice technology and to deliver consistent beam quality across the full 160 mm z-axis coverage.
      • Tube voltage: 80, 100, 120, 135 kVp
      • Tube current: 10 to 900 mA
      • Tube heat capacity: 7.5 mega heat units (MHU)
      • Tube heat dissipation rate: 1,386 kHU/min
    • Detector: PUREViSION detector is capable of supporting features such as high-resolution and low-dose imaging.
      • It has 16 cm z-axis coverage with 320 rows that generates 640 slices.
      • Low-contrast resolution is measured on a 20 cm (8 in) Catphan phantom, 0.5 mm slice thickness, using a helical scan.
        • A 3 mm diameter object with a contrast of 1% (10 Hounsfield units HU) can be resolved with a dose of 25.3 mGy using AIDR 3D (described under Software below).
        • A 3 mm diameter object with a contrast of 1% (10 HU) can be resolved with a doze of 9.5 mGy using FIRST (described under Optional Device Components below).
      • High-contrast resolution: modulation transfer function (MTF) is measured on the Toshiba wire phantom.

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