Evaluation: Stryker InTouch Bed for Critical Care Units

January 30, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the Stryker InTouch compares with the other products we've evaluated.

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The Stryker InTouch electric bed is a very good choice for critical care settings. The bed includes a radiolucent panel on the backrest section. It has a powered transport system that facilitates moving the bed. It provides visual indicators for suspended alarms. It has one-button positioning for the chair position and flat position. It also comes with brake controls on all four sides of the bed. The bed can be lowered to a minimum height of 41 cm (16 in), measured from floor to mattress deck. It retains full functionality when powered by its batteries.

The InTouch. (Image courtesy of Stryker.)
  1. The device is a fully motorized electric bed that allows patients and staff to adjust bed height and mattress/surface contours.

  2. Major device...

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