Evaluation: Skytron IPT 2280 Syndicate/IPT 1140 UV Room Disinfection Devices

June 28, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The IPT 2280 Syndicate and IPT 1140 are used to disinfect a room after room cleaning, with the goal of reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The IPT 2280 Syndicate consists of two IPT 1140 units in a linked configuration.
  • Major device components:

    • Two wheeled mobile towers
      • Dimensions of each tower (L × W × H): 55.6 × 55.6 × 148.6 cm (22 × 22 × 58.5 in); weight: 40 kg (89 lb)
      • Towers can be used in two configurations:
        • Single unit (IPT 1140) (i) Single-site approach—Unit remains in one location throughout the treatment cycle (ii) Pause-and-reposition approach—Treatment is paused halfway through the cycle, the unit is moved, and the cycle is run until completion
        • Two paired units (IPT 2280 Syndicate)—In this configuration, a single-site approach is used. Motion detection terminates the UV output of both devices. In this configuration, the two towers can be latched together for transport.
      • Uses 12 low-pressure mercury amalgam ultraviolet C (UVC) lamps arranged around the circumference of the device and protected by a built-in, stainless steel wire cage.
      • Power requirements: 120/240 V, 12/8 A, 50/60 Hz
    • A wireless controller with touchscreen. The user:
      • Enters a passcode
      • Selects the room number or scans a room bar code
      • Selects the pathogen type—the controller defaults to the "spore" setting
      • Verifies that all safety precautions have been taken
      • Reenters the passcode
    *Figure 2.**Wireless controller. (Image courtesy...

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