Evaluation: Siemens Healthcare Somatom go.Top General High-Volume Diagnostic CT System

December 31, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Somatom go. Top has a continuously rotating x-ray source and detector array. It can be used as a whole-body CT scanner for general imaging use, and it offers scanning options for cardiac, bariatric, pediatric, oncology, vascular, orthopedic, and neuro imaging.
  • Major components and software features:
    • X-ray generator: The system is equipped with a generator with a power rating of 70 kW (185 kW equivalent with the SAFIRE iterative reconstruction application).
    • X-ray tube: Athlon
      • Tube voltage: 70 to 140 kVp (100 to 140 kVp in 10 kVp steps; this is standard in the system)
      • Tube current: 13 to 625 mA (13 to 825 mA with high-performance package)
      • Tube heat capacity: 7,000,000 HU (heat units)
      • Tube heat dissipation rate: 840,000 HU/min
    • Detector: Stellar (Ultra-Fast Ceramics, UFC) keeps electronic noise low, providing dose efficiency with high spatial resolution. It has 64 detectors that can generate 128 slices per rotation.
    • Patient table:
      • Table height: 46 to 88.5 cm (18 to 35 in)
      • Weight capacity: 227 kg (500 lb); optional capacity up to 300 kg (661 lb)
    • Gantry:
      • Patient aperture: 70 cm (27.5 in)
      • Scan field: 50 cm (19.6 in); 70 cm (27.5 in) with HD FoV (described below)
      • Rotation speed: 0.33, 0.50, and 1.0 sec
    • Major software components available as standard:
      • syngo:
        • WorkStream4D: Direct generation of axial, sagittal, coronal, or double-oblique images from standard protocols
        • Patient registration: Transfer from hospital information system/radiology information system (HIS/RIS), direct input, preregistration, or special emergency registration
        • IVR: Interleaved volume reconstruction; reconstructs 64 slices in the z-axis for all spiral scans, independent of pitch
        • HD FoV: Special image reconstruction using a field of view of up to 70 cm
        • Dual-energy acquisition: Acquisition of two spiral scans at two different kVp levels
      • Sureview: Allows the CT scanner to automatically select the pitch value to assure coverage in the specified scan time
      • iMAR: Metal artifact reduction
      • Go Technologies:
        • Scan&Go: Full remote control of the scanner parameters (via gantry, tablet, console)
        • Check&Go: Algorithm flags and corrects issues with coverage or contrast distribution in real time
        • Recon&Go: Zero-click inline postprocessing

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