Evaluation: Shimadzu Trinias C12 MiX Ceiling-Mounted Angiography System for Interventional Radiology/Vascular Applications

April 11, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


The Shimadzu Trinias C12 MiX ceiling-mounted angiography system is a good choice for interventional radiology/vascular applications. The system has high-level imaging capabilities, including automatically adjusted noise correction, advanced rotational angiography including precession and pendulum, and re-masking and re-registration capabilities. It includes features to improve workflow, including preprogrammed procedure-specific gantry positioning and presets for image acquisition. The Shimadzu SCORE package includes hardware and software for 3-D image reconstruction, low-contrast cone-beam CT, and overlay of SCORE 3-D images onto live imaging or preprocedure CT images.

The Trinias C12 MiX. (Image courtesy of Shimadzu.)
  1. Trinias crossover angiography systems, which are available in single-plane, biplane, floor-mounted, and ceiling-mounted configurations, are used for both therapeutic and diagnostic interventional radiology and vascular applications in all anatomical areas.

  2. The Trinias C12 MiX is not indicated for any supplementary uses.

  3. Major device components and software features

a) X-ray generator: The system uses...

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