Evaluation: Philips Veradius Unity Manual Surgical C-Arm System

March 7, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • This system has tools and features for most vascular, orthopedic, and general surgeries in which 2-D imaging is indicated during the procedure.
  • It can also be used for intraoperative imaging during minimally invasive surgeries and cardiac, urology, and pain-management procedures.
  • Major device components and software features:
    • X-ray generator:
      • The system is equipped with an 80 kHz high-frequency generator.
      • Power rating: 15 kW.
    • X-ray tube: the system is equipped with a rotating-anode x-ray tube.
      • Tube voltage: 40-120 kV
      • Tube current: fluoroscopy mode 1-60 mA, radiography mode 2-125 mA
      • Anode heat capacity and cooling rate: 315 kHU capacity, 73 kHU/min cooling rate
    • Detector:
      • The system is equipped with an amorphous silicon flat detector.
      • Size: 26.2 × 26.2 cm, a matrix of 1560 × 1420 pixels, and a pixel pitch at 184 μm.

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