Evaluation: Pentax Optivista Plus Platform with i10 Series Colonoscopes

October 10, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Optivista Plus platform is a high-definition (HD) video system that pairs with a range of Pentax endoscopes. The i10 Series of colonoscopes may be used with the Optivista Plus platform to inspect the colon or lower gastrointestinal tract for polyps, adenomas, or bleeding.
  • The Optivista Plus system supports i-scan image processing for enhancement of texture and blood vessels of the mucosal surface.

    • i-scan imaging uses customizable algorithms and light source filtering:
      • Surface Enhancement to enhance light-dark contrast and make structures appear elevated
      • Contrast Enhancement to add blue to dark areas to highlight blood vessels and augment the appearance of depressions
      • Tone Enhancement to modify color and assist in characterization. Physicians can use the default settings, or adjust the enhancement to suit their preferences.
      • Optical Enhancement (OE), which uses an optical filter and digital signal processing to provide high-contrast imaging
    • i-scan 1—Applies Surface Enhancement to assist in detection of lesions
    • i-scan 2—Applies Surface and Tone Enhancement to assist in characterization of lesions
    • i-scan 3—Applies Optical Enhancement (OE) to increase the contrast with hemoglobin and assist with vessel characterization. Although OE is not enabled in the default settings, Pentax suggests that physicians activate it in their customized settings.
    *Figure 2.**Left to right: i-scan 1, i-scan 2, i-scan 3 with OE enabled. (Images courtesy...

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