Evaluation: Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980 Intensive Care Ventilator

September 12, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980 is an intensive care ventilator—a critical life-support device that delivers positive-pressure breaths to patients who require total or partial assistance to breathe.
  • This model can also be used noninvasively as an oxygen (O2) therapy device, in which O2 is delivered via a mask, hood, or nasal cannula to patients who can breathe on their own.
  • Major hardware device components and software features include:

    • Primary display—A 15-inch graphical user interface (GUI) that includes a touchscreen and eight off-screen control keys. The primary display can be rotated 340° around the center and tilted up to 45° from vertical. The GUI displays device settings, patient data and waveforms, and active alarm banners. The off-screen control keys are display brightness, inspiratory pause, display lock key, expiratory pause, alarm volume, alarm reset, manual inspiration, and alarm silence. A rotary encoder (knob) is also included to facilitate adjustment of ventilation parameters and alarms.
    • Breath delivery unit subsystem—The unit producing the artificial respiration.
    • Status display (clinical use mode)—A five-inch display on the breath delivery unit that shows the following:
      • Safe State status (Safety Valve Open SVO or Vent Inop)
      • The current power source (AC or DC)
      • The presence of primary and extended batteries and their charging status
      • Relative available battery charge level(s)
      • Gas supply connection status
      • Measured peak patient circuit pressure (updated at the end of each breath)
      • A graph of measured inspiratory pressure (updated as pressure changes)
      • Measured positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP)
      • Alarm setting for peak pressure
      • System alarm volume setting
    • Status display (service mode)—In service mode, the status display shows the following:
      • The device serial numbers
      • Operational time
      • Extended and short self-test histories
      • Power On Self Test (POST) status
      • Hours until next preventive maintenance due
      • Gas supply pressure at the manifold inlets
    • Extended battery backup—Two lithium-ion battery slots in the breath delivery unit allow placement of a primary and a secondary backup battery. Batteries for the PB 980 are hot-swappable—that is, capable of being removed and replaced during active ventilation.
    • Cart—A base with casters on which the breath delivery unit and GUI can be mounted. The PB 980 can also be mounted as a freestanding unit at the patient's bedside.

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