Evaluation: Limestone Labs CleanSlate UV Countertop Disinfection Device

June 21, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The primary purpose of the Limestone Labs CleanSlate UV is to disinfect user- or facility-owned mobile devices (phones, tablets, and pagers) that may be susceptible to damage by chemical disinfection methods (70% isopropyl alcohol, bleach, or other disinfectants). Note that repeated exposure to UVC radiation can degrade materials such as plastics.
  • Major device components:
    • A lid, which is open if the device is turned on and a disinfection cycle is not occurring
    • A quartz shelf approximately 23.5 cm (9.25 in) long and 28 cm (11 in) wide to hold mobile devices during CleanSlate UV operation
    • Paper under the quartz shelf with a warning and instructions for use:
      • A notice to alert users about the risk of mobile device photodegradation in the CleanSlate UV
      • Instructions for use: Keep Device In Target Area, Place Item Gently Into Tray, Please Ensure At Least 1 Inch Between Items; also illustrations of devices to use in the CleanSlate UV
    • Three top bulbs and three bottom bulbs in the back of the CleanSlate UV to generate UVC light
    • A movable platform that transports the quartz shelf to the back of the CleanSlate UV at the beginning and end of a disinfection cycle
    • A Stop button that terminates a disinfection cycle and opens the lid
    • A touchscreen LCD display, which shows:
      • Please Insert Device and Close Lid—shown approximately 60 seconds after turning the CleanSlate on or six seconds after a disinfection cycle is completed; this is the default display.
      • Please Wait, System is Warming Up and a 60-second countdown clock—shown when the device is turned on.
      • Sanitization Initiated—shown when CleanSlate lid is closed.
      • Your Device Is Being Sanitized, a 30-second countdown clock, and Please Wash Your Hands—shown during a disinfection cycle. We note that the default 30-second cycle has an actual run time of 36.1 ±0.4 seconds (mean ±standard deviation).

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