Evaluation: iVedix Clinician Rounding Application EHR Access System

November 16, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The iVedix Clinician Rounding Application is used to access EHR data on a mobile platform via single-screen views configured according to individual physicians/roles.
  • The application is intended for use by physicians during rounds to:
    • Access relevant patient information from the EHR—All the relevant data is accessible within a single view, which can be configured based on the preferences of each individual physician
    • View trends and track patient status—Application includes the CareAlerts feature, which notifies physicians of any concerning changes to patient status based on thresholds set by the physician
    • Create notes that can be exported back into the EHR—Application includes text-to-speech capability, drag-and-drop features, and auto-generated content to facilitate creation of notes

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