Evaluation: iVedix Clinician Rounding Application EHR Access System

November 16, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


The iVedix Clinician Rounding Application is an overall good choice for healthcare facilities looking to offer their physicians the ability to view and interact with data from electronic health records (EHRs) within a single configurable view. As demonstrated in the current installation, we believe that the application is a very good choice for outpatient facilities looking to consolidate information from multiple EHR systems and home care devices into a single configurable view for physicians. The system meets all of our requirements for this use case and has some notable advantages such as compatibility with the popular iOS and Android platforms, the ability to ensure accurate patient identification by displaying multiple patient identifiers, and the ability to send e-mail alerts to support personnel in the event of connectivity or data transfer issues. However, the system currently does not have any implementations in acute care/inpatient settings by which to judge how well it can integrate with and consolidate data from medical devices used in acute care.

Overall rating

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