Evaluation: IRadimed MRidium 3860+ Infusion Pump

July 29, 2015 | Evaluations & Guidance


The MR-conditional IRadimed MRidium 3860+ infusion pump provides enhanced workflow and, when used with the optional dose error reduction system (DERS), increased patient safety compared to other approaches for infusion therapy in the MR environment. Although the pump has several disadvantages—including its relatively high price compared to other large-volume pumps—many are unlikely to be major considerations in the selection of an MR-conditional pump. We believe that the pump's safety and workflow advantages for the MR environment are significant enough that they outweigh its disadvantages.

The IRadimed MRidium 3860+—the only MR-conditional large-volume infusion pump currently on the market in the United States—is a good choice for facilities seeking a large-volume pump that can be safely used inside an MR scan room. This capability avoids the inconvenience of stationing the pump outside the scan room and running a long administration set through a waveguide (a channel that runs through the radio-frequency shielding between the control room and the scanning room that must be used to prevent corruption of the imaging procedure). The MR-conditional design also avoids the safety risks involved with moving an MR-unsafe infusion pump too close to the MR magnet, an action that would cause the pump to become a projectile that could injure the patient or personnel or damage the MR system.

The pump offers an optional DERS, which provides the capability to set limits for several infusion parameters (i.e., patient weight, infusion time, drug concentration), increasing patient safety. (We do not recommend purchasing this pump without the DERS.) A significant disadvantage is that the pump does not default to the DERS mode; however, the MR safety advantages are significant enough that they outweigh this disadvantage.

The pump allows pumping parameters to be changed without interrupting imaging; this feature requires use of the MRidium 3865 remote control, which ECRI Institute recommends purchasing with the pump. Additionally, an administration set that connects to a conventional large-volume infusion pump administration set is available that...

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