Evaluation: Interson ViewBladder 10 Bladder Scanner

February 20, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the Interson ViewBladder 10 compares with the other bladder scanners we've evaluated.

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The Interson ViewBladder 10 is a good choice for bladder volume applications, as long as automated quantification of bladder volume is not required. The device has B-mode imaging capability, but failed to meet our accuracy criteria when either the automatic mode (Bladder Volume Auto) or the manual two-dimensional mode (Bladder Volume 2D) was used. However, the device met our accuracy criteria when the manual Bladder Volume 3D mode was used. Thus, the unit is suitable for users who do not require automated calculation of bladder volume, or those who only require a device for qualitative assessments of bladder volume—for example, to determine whether the bladder is relatively full or empty.

The ViewBladder 10. (Photo courtesy of Interson.)
  1. The primary purpose of the ViewBladder 10 is to calculate an estimate of urinary bladder volume. There are no contraindications for use of the device.

  2. Major device components...

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