Evaluation: ICU Medical ChemoLock Closed-System Transfer Device (External Balloon Version)

March 2, 2022 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The ChemoLock CSTD is used when handling HDs to minimize environmental exposure of personnel to HDs, from the time the drug is compounded in the pharmacy to the time it is administered by the clinician to the time it is disposed of.
  • Major components:
    • Vial adapter: ChemoLock Vial Adapter—barrier (external balloon) technology
      • Used to access drug vials
      • Available in different sizes compatible with 13, 20, 28, and 32 mm drug vials
    • Syringe adapters: ChemoLock syringe adapters
      • Used with a syringe to couple with other ChemoLock Port components (ChemoLock Vial Adapter, ChemoLock Bag Adapter, or ChemoLock Administration Set Port)
      • Compatible with 1 to 50/60 mL Luer-lock syringes
      • Available as a removable adapter or as a spinning/locking adapter
      • Syringe adapters are also available directly fused to syringes 1-50/60 mL.
    • Administration set adapter: ChemoLock Port—used to access an administration set Y-site with a standard needle-free connector
    • IV bag adapter: ChemoLock Spike Adapter—enables access to IV bag
    • Secondary administration set adapter: (1) ChemoLock Secondary Set—enables access to the IV bag intended for secondary infusion. The set has a fused ChemoLock port on the proximal end for infusing medication into the bag. It has a fused ChemoLock injector on the distal end to connect to a ChemoLock port on the patient Y-site.

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